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Michael Macdonald 

Public Speaking- Communication Skills

Trainer, Coach, and  Workshop Facilitator

Personal Empowerment and Leadership Guide

Michael brings demonstrated results in coaching, training, public speaking classes, and business guidance that take his clients to a place of newly discovered talents. Michael’s vocation is communication, relationship building and leadership. Building on careers in teaching, hospitality, real estate sales and management, professional actor and model, and personal transformation, Michael brings a dynamic synergy to skills acquisition in public speaking, communication, leadership and personal empowerment.

As a coach he believes that connecting and inspiring the audience big or small is a pathway of personal transformation and self-actualization.

The Macdonald Method was founded on the belief that everyone can speak up and share their message. You will be able to present and speak with authenticity. Michael can work with you individually or in groups, in person or online. The welcoming, nurturing approach makes public speaking easy.

Macdonald Method Coaching can help you express your authentic self, whether you want to enhance your executive presence, prepare for a TEDx speech, increase confidence in your impromptu speech skills, prepare for a presentation, or be more comfortable in social situations.

Macdonald Method coaching, training, public speaking classes, and business mentoring services cover the British Columbia Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Delta, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Langley, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford and other surrounding areas.

Your Journey To Success

The Macdonald Method is a meta-technique which deliberately goes beyond the performative aspects of public speaking and instead uses the public speaking process as a way to both experience and communicate spiritual growth. All contemporary techniques are taught but the foundations of the Macdonald Method are spiritual- a journey of self-discovery.

Michael will guide you to become a dynamic speaker, to develop your communication and leadership skills, and to help you achieve your full potential.

Personal Empowerment Coaching

What to Expect

With every client, whether an executive preparing to present to the board, a real estate agent presenting their products and services, or a student preparing for a speech assignment, Michael creates a safe and supportive environment where there is no judgment, no comparison, no right or wrong. Instead, there is expansive room for experimentation, breaking out of comfort zones, and learning to be present. His clients learn how to refine their message, develop connection, speak with intention and authenticity, and build trust and credibility with their audience.

Watch my TEDxGrandviewHeights speech on “Confronting the Imposter: A Journey of Discover” Click here.