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Even if you aren’t required to give presentations to a group of people, you can still use your public speaking skills to help you get ahead in your career and open doors for you.

You might be asked to speak at a conference about your company, give a speech after receiving an award or teach a class for new recruits. Online presentations and talks can also be delivered to an audience. This is true whether you are training a virtual team or speaking to customers online.

You can also use your public speaking skills in other areas of life. You may be asked to give a speech at your friend’s wedding, eulogy for someone you love, or inspire volunteers at a charity event.

A good public speaker can improve your image, increase self-confidence, and open up many opportunities.

While good skills may open doors, bad ones can shut them down. Your boss may decide not to promote you if your presentation was poor. A poor sales pitch could result in you losing a lucrative contract. You could also make a bad impression on your team if you don’t listen to the people you speak to and look them in the eyes.

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